Girl Across the Bar

I've been ignoring this blog lately, but you know, life gets busy and t-shirts are easier to ignore than say, a cold beer and a hot date. Speaking of which, I saw a girl at Linda's Tavern the other night wearing this shirt, and I had to ask her where she bought it. She turned out to be pretty cool, even for a girl who would buy a shirt like this. Even cooler to me, right?


Pub n' Grub T-Shirt

Desteenation Shirt Co. continues to impress me with their new t-shirts. I'm a regular at Smith, up on Capitol Hill's 15th Ave., and I'm psyched to head down to the Desteenation store this weekend and pick up one of these cool Smith tees. I guess the Desteenation guys must have made a deal with Linda what's-her-name because Smith is owned by the same woman who owns two of their other new t-shirt establishments: Linda's Tavern (good for hangover brunch) and King's Hardware (skeeball!, 'nuff said). I think she also owns the Viceroy, but that place is definitely not my scene.

The Smith tees are printed on American Apparel tri-blend tees, which fit long and skinny, just the way I like 'em. Oh yeah, and Desteenation is having a 25% off sale right now, on every t-shirt in the store!


Turn off your TV

Just discovered Off Your Back Shirts. Cool company. I hope they make it—it's gotta be hard to break into the 'green' clothing biz. Despite them giving a percentage to charity, working with sweatshop free manufacturers and using organic cotton, their shirts are still only 22 bucks. Gotta love that.



Tshirthell is hilarious, and I often find myself shaking my head and cracking up when I look over their latest additions. But, I can't actually see myself walking around wearing most of it. This one, though, I had to have this t-shirt. It's all about the tagline.


Rockin T-shirt

I've only wandered into Bop Street Records a couple times—not that into vinyl anymore—but there's no denying it's one of the ultimate Seattle record stores. Desteenation just added this one to their growing collection of record store t-shirts, and I'm thinking I just may need to get me one of these.


Apples Rock

I'm a Mac lover, in the most literal sense. I'm reluctant to admit that I'm old enough to have had one of these bad boys.


Feeling Nappy

As a firm believer in naps myself, I thought it only appropriate that I get myself one of these Siesta Tees from The Ryde. Plus, they have it in brown and it's onsale for only $12. It's my official end-of-summer t-shirt.