Best movie ever. Seriously. If you didn't like The Big Lebowski then we will never be friends. I have no patience for you. The Dude is one of the greatest characters ever put on film, and anyone who knows me in the real world (and I guess now, online) can attest to my man-crush on Sam Elliot. His scenes in this movie are beyond brilliant.

I plan to get me one of these Dude Abides t-shirts and wear it around my apartment . In my bathrobe.


Make your own adventure

I just lost the last hour screwing around over at Innertee. It's my favorite new time-suck. I spent ages picking out three different designs, agonized over the placement and color and then happened to click back to the homepage and fell in love with this shirt done by another customer. Typical.



Ian Leino's Voyage to Discovery tee over at Threadless is right up my alley. Love the design. The obscured book spines and the ripped pages--the pop-up effect is original and something I just want to wear. Add to that the fact that I can get it in a brown, long-sleeved shirt, and I am sold.


Bauhaus T-shirt

Desteenation just launched the Bauhaus t-shirt, which is from my local coffeehouse where I stop almost every day to load up on my first quad americano of the day (I know, my addiction is out of control). The coffee at this place is awesome, and it just has that perfect neighborbood hangout feel. As for the shirt, I'm loving that Desteenation is offering this one on American Apparel, and those colors are calling my name. I can't wait to get it (ordered it online this time 'cuz I won't be down in Fremont this week, and plus they've got Free Shipping) and wear it in when I pick up my morning buzz this week.


Rapture's a bitch

One of my all-time favorite shirt designs that I can't bring myself to buy because I can't imagine myself wearing is this one by Sack Wear. Whenever I look at their site, I imagine a bunch of people sitting around coming up with this shit, and I wish I were a fly on the wall. Most of my day is spent surrounded by geeks talking about code. No humor whatsoever.

I'm off to get drilled this afternoon. So I set myself up with five new Netflix movies (yes, I'm a five-at-a-timer, so what?) to get me through a potentially painful weekend on the couch, doped up on Vic0din. It's a good excuse to vegetate for days on end.


T-shirt folding movie, Island Style

Desteenation Shirt Co. has their very own folding movie on youtube. It's in the same style as that Japanese one we've all seen before, but I like their spin. And the little hottie in the bikini doesn't hurt matters either... I commented on the vid, and they wrote back to say they're planning more videos soon. I can't wait to see what other cool stuff these guys produce.

Down to the Roots

Toothaches are on the brain. I'm going in for a dreaded root canal tomorrow (yikes!), and as I was trolling around some t-shirt sites this morning I found this awesome design on Fantastic Bonanza. I like that they use enviro-friendly inks and print on American Apparel, and it's great to see the t-shirts on real people on their site.