Less is NOT More

People either love Will Ferrell or they hate him. I fall firmly in the love camp, and his years on SNL were some of the best, in my opinion. I can't help but imagine his sick, hairy belly bouncing around the sound studio whenever I see this shirt from Busted Tees. If you've never seen it, you can watch this bastardized version of the More Cowbell Skit (since NBC keeps pulling the real deal whenever someone tries to post it).


Mission for a Cool T-shirt

My girl just emailed to have me meet her in West Seattle tonight at this swanky Latin place we like called the Mission. When I went to their website to make sure they're open on Mondays ('cuz it seems like nobody is these days), guess what I found? Looks like they're one of the latest additions to the Desteenation Seattle t-shirt collection. Excellent. I'm loving that I get to support the places I hang out at just by wearing my favorite article of clothing. And these skeleton mariachi players are rockin' it for me.


Same, Same

Wear it out, break it in: this one's a keeper. Lovin' the font and the starburst-y things on this tone-on-tone number from The Ryde. It's a great shirt for a Wednesday.


Arizona Desteenations

As a kid, my family would take long road trips touring the U.S. in our 1979 Airstream, and my greatest memories are a winter trip we took around Arizona. My parents were only slightly obsessed with Route 66, and we made a lot of stops at dingy diners and crazy old places like the Museum Club in Flagstaff. I had forgotten all about this place until I was checking out the new t-shirts at Desteenation the other day. Thanks for the memories...

Looks like they're adding some cool t-shirts from AZ. They've got a few new ones this week.

Swag: Thanks but No Thanks

Charlie over at at Kindred offered to send me a free t-shirt. Nice of him. But it brought up a new issue for me...

Even though I really love this shirt, I think I'm going to buy it myself. I'm a little sketched about companies sending me free stuff to write about their products (not that there's anything wrong with asking if you can send me presents). I just want to feel completely free to say whatever I want. Usually, I prefer to keep it positive and only blog about shirts and companies I like, but I also want to just be a guy who likes a t-shirt and shares it with his friends. You know?

So thanks Charlie. You've got some cool art, and the little descriptions are killer. Rickshaws are cool.