Tractor tees are all over town

I kept seeing this shirt around town, and finally stopped a guy to ask where he got it. It's a shirt from the Tractor Tavern in Ballard, but the guy bought at this t-shirt shop called Desteenation in Fremont. We talked about t-shirts for a couple minutes while waiting for the bus, and he convinced me I had to go check this place out.

Desteenation Shirt Co. Mark my words, people, this place is going to be huge. The idea is fucking brilliant. Not all the designs jumped out at me, but that wasn't the point. All the shirts they sell are from real, local places. Like the 5 Point Cafe and Neumo's and 9lb. Hammer and the Deluxe and the Buckaroo. After staring dumbfounded at their wall of shirts, I realized there were about 15 places I really wanted to check out. Whoever is out there choosing the shirts is doing an awesome job keeping it diverse and real. They don't just have bar shirts - there are some record stores, hardware stores, barber shops, etc.

I got all my Christmas shopping done. In one store.


Panic Goods

The geek in me loves Panic's Spinner shirt. It's one of those images that people look at and don't immediately register as something from a computer. You know? Also, I just love the Panic shopping experience. Their cart is so elegant: drag and drop the shirt and checkout all on one page. Sweet.