Pub n' Grub T-Shirt

Desteenation Shirt Co. continues to impress me with their new t-shirts. I'm a regular at Smith, up on Capitol Hill's 15th Ave., and I'm psyched to head down to the Desteenation store this weekend and pick up one of these cool Smith tees. I guess the Desteenation guys must have made a deal with Linda what's-her-name because Smith is owned by the same woman who owns two of their other new t-shirt establishments: Linda's Tavern (good for hangover brunch) and King's Hardware (skeeball!, 'nuff said). I think she also owns the Viceroy, but that place is definitely not my scene.

The Smith tees are printed on American Apparel tri-blend tees, which fit long and skinny, just the way I like 'em. Oh yeah, and Desteenation is having a 25% off sale right now, on every t-shirt in the store!