On Blogging Vacation

I stole this photo from the company website. Sand in my camera = no vacation photos.

You know how when you start doing 'important' stuff in your real life, blogging gets a seat on the backburner. That's been me lately, obviously. Met a girl. Went to Hawaii. Bought some t-shirts. Didn't have a whole lot of time to write.

I finally took advantage of all my saved-up vacation time and went over to Kona for a little sunshine. This winter in Seattle has been beyond brutal. So, I'm sitting in my hotel room, flippin' channels with a cup of coffee (can you believe the hotel gives you Starbucks with the coffeemaker--unbelieveable), and what do I see? An ad for Desteenation Shirt Co. in Kailua. WTF? As I've said before, I'm totally into this t-shirt company, and now it seems like they're following me or something.

Anyway, I walked down to the Kona Inn shopping center (very touristy, by the way), and couldn't believe all the cool places on their wall. I pretty much planned my entire Big Island exploration right there in that t-shirt shop. I'll give you a shirt/place rundown after I unpack and do my pile 'o laundry this weekend.

Oh yeah, turns out the little hottie in this video works at the Kona store (and she's jailbait).