Attack of the Arrows

Barry's Farm t-shirts like this one crack me up, and so does Barry. If you haven't checked out this guy's stuff yet, I'm happy to point you at him. His use of color is modern and very hip, and as I've said before I'm a sucker for a brown shirt.

New Panic Prince

I've said it before about Panic--the shopping experience rocks. This new color combo from them seems pretty hip, and the pink is understated enough for me to actually wear it. Brown t-shirts fade the best.


Cock Shirt

Amtrea's catalog is, shall we say, skinny at the moment, but what t-shirts they do have are kick-ass. This rooster shirt is my personal fave.


Blog Move

If you made the move with me from the slower-than-slow blogcity, thanks. I'm glad I moved sooner rather than later. So far, my move to Blogger has been smooth and hassle-free.

More great shirts coming your way soon.