Down to the Roots

Toothaches are on the brain. I'm going in for a dreaded root canal tomorrow (yikes!), and as I was trolling around some t-shirt sites this morning I found this awesome design on Fantastic Bonanza. I like that they use enviro-friendly inks and print on American Apparel, and it's great to see the t-shirts on real people on their site.

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Joe said...

Oh, dang! Thanks for writing us up! That design was partially inspired by root canals. I hope your own dental adventure goes well, and that your weekend is pain-free.

Oh, and I found this by following the link on your Indie Threads profile. You're going into my t-shirt blog bookmarks! Also, I'm going to link to you from Fantastic Bonanza's own t-shirt blog ( http://blog.fantasticbonanza.com ). I look forward to reading more, and wish you a speedy recovery!