Swag: Thanks but No Thanks

Charlie over at at Kindred offered to send me a free t-shirt. Nice of him. But it brought up a new issue for me...

Even though I really love this shirt, I think I'm going to buy it myself. I'm a little sketched about companies sending me free stuff to write about their products (not that there's anything wrong with asking if you can send me presents). I just want to feel completely free to say whatever I want. Usually, I prefer to keep it positive and only blog about shirts and companies I like, but I also want to just be a guy who likes a t-shirt and shares it with his friends. You know?

So thanks Charlie. You've got some cool art, and the little descriptions are killer. Rickshaws are cool.


Ozlat said...

Hey mate,

http://t-shirt-fiend.blogspot.com/ is an awesome site.
I run a promotional merchandise company
and am launching a t-shirt line on the side
as a fun offshoot to what I do.

I appreciate your honest reviews and will
have my first design printed and ready to
go, I was thinking I could send you one so
that you could do a review on it and wear
it around town if it's your style.


Anonymous said...

I like the design of that tee shirt, very artistic :)